At our ULTIMATE FITNESS ACADEMY, we also arrange  CONTINUED EDUCATION PROGRAMS FOR FITNESS INSTRUCTORS ( Gym Staff Training). As a fitness entrepreneur, your staff is your most valuable asset, and enrolling your instructors or gym-staff for a few days of “Continued Education” with us, should ensure vastly improved gym-services at your own fitness venture, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and new membership sign-ups and renewals. Please let us know which areas of fitness expertise you want us to review  with your staff. We will then design your staff training program according to your requirements so that it will prove most beneficial to your gym business.

While our new ULTIMATE FITNESS GYM is NOT open to the general public and does NOT provide membership services, it rather serves as our private Training Center, where we provide instruction in biomechanically correct weight-training techniques, and, on request, also offer professional guidance in any other fitness-related area to interested fitness-enthusiasts. We strive to disseminate fitness- and health-related knowledge, do away with long-standing misconceptions in these areas, convey the science of proper exercise programming for various fitness levels and fitness goals, promote nutritional awareness and discipline, provide tips on suitable health-and fitness-enhancing supplements, and impart safe and effective weight-training principles and techniques.

Our ULTIMATE FITNESS GYM also serves as our exclusive venue, where we organize the hands-on practical part of our On-Site Weight-Training Seminars and Personal Trainer Programs.  We are dedicated to teaching, training and certifying professional fitness trainers. After all, even the very best Personal Trainer Home-Study-Course or Online Trainer-Certification Program will not impart the necessary hands-on weight-training-expertise, which a knowledgeable fitness instructor or professional personal trainer inevitably needs in order to be successful on the  job;  this indispensable practical weight-training expertise and any related know-how is, what we strive to convey to any interested clients.

Further, our ULTIMATE FITNESS GYM is the location of conducting our highly professional and success-oriented PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS; booking and participating in one or several such highly instructive Personal Training Sessions under our professional Master Trainers' guidance, will without doubt present you with an unforgettable training experience;  it will certainly open your eyes, how you should train with weights, irrespective of how much prior fitness training experience you may already have previously acquired. For our PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS, we accept clients at any level of prior training experience, including very beginners, who may need reliable guidance on how to sensibly and effectively start a suitable fitness regimen, while remaining safe and avoiding common mistakes.  


Our “ULTIMATE FITNESS ACADEMY” is the pinnacle of the expatriate founder’s 40 years of fitness experience, bringing to you the latest in fitness expertise, gym technology and professional weight-training techniques.

Our new “ULTIMATE FITNESS GYM “ is the heart of this newly established educational non-profit fitness project, located up country Thailand in Uthumphon Phisai district, Sisaket province.

Last, but not least, our ULTIMATE FITNESS ACADEMY is the location of our ON-SITE NGA PERSONAL TRAINER / MASTER TRAINER CERTIFICATION PROGRAM, which we periodically organize, including hands-on practical instruction in correct exercise techniques, utilizing the high-quality commercial-grade weight-training-equipment installed at our comprehensively equipped gym-facility. The impressive range of state-of-the-art gym-equipment installed here, includes the brands CYBEX, TECHNOGYM, PRECOR, MAXICAM, BODY-SOLID , ULTIMATE FITNESS™, LifeFitness, STEX, Concept II , etc.,  not to forget the indispensable free weights ( rubberized Iron Grip dumbbells up to 50 kg, Olympic Barbells, Fix-Weight Barbell- & EZ-Bar Set, etc. ); this ample equipment park provides the basis and means for us to offer all the above outlined fitness-related educational services to our dedicated clients.

Whatever fitness-related educational services within the above outlined scope you may be interested in, please be welcome to contact us, specifying your individual requirements and time availability, so that we can design a training program, tailored to your specific needs and requests, and provide you with the  respective proposal. Please also don’t hesitate to forward your questions concerning any of our instructional programs to us for our prompt attention.     We can be contacted at  :  < chris@ultimatefitnessacademy.com >  or                                                < ultimatefitnessasia@gmail.com >