Whether you should require professional  MASTER TRAINER guidance through the “weight-training session/s of your life”, acquiring an entirely new training experience, or whether you want to get new ideas for your work-outs, overcome plateaus, and learn new techniques to make your training more effective, we can provide most professional assistance in any of these areas.

Even if you should be a very beginner without any prior fitness training experience, or a senior individual, who has been physically inactive for years, requiring our guidance on how to safely and effectively restart engaging in physical activity, avoiding common mistakes and injuries, we are glad to help.

All of us at the Ultimate Fitness Academy encourage you to meet the ultimate challenge of leading a fitness lifestyle and as a result see not only your health and physique, but most likely your whole life improve to an extent you may never have expected.

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Our Ultimate Fitness Academy is a non-profit educational fitness-project in Uthumphon Phisai, Sisaket, Thailand, where we organize NGA Personal/Master Trainer Certification Courses, provide expert personal training and also offer various other fitness-related services.

Our Ultimate Fitness Academy is exclusively appointed as the Official Training- and Education-Site for the US-based NGA's Personal Trainer/Master Trainer Certification Course in Thailand.

We bring to you the latest in fitness expertise, gym technology and professional weight-training-techniques ! We are dedicated to teaching, training and certifying  professional fitness trainers, as well as any interested  fitness enthusiasts, who may want to take their fitness training efforts to the next level.Our objective is to disseminate fitness- and health-related knowledge, do away with long-standing misconceptions in these areas, convey the science of proper exercise programming for various fitness levels and fitness goals, promote nutritional awareness and discipline, provide tips on suitable health-and fitness-enhancing supplements, and impart safe and effective weight-training principles and techniques.



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Whether you’re looking to advance your career in the fitness industry or start a brand new one, you have come to the right place. Enjoy a variety of learning opportunities at the Ultimate Fitness Academy.


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