If you should wish to get NGA certified, please send us an email, so that we can email you an application form. On enrollment and receipt of the applicable tuition fee, we will then promptly email your NGA Manual to you as a PDF file (right on the day of submitting your application & payment). As the NGA requires that you should complete the study of the NGA Manual within six weeks, it is essential to apply for participation at least six weeks BEFORE the starting-date of your chosen on-site NGA Trainer Program at our Ultimate Fitness Academy. For the schedule of the next upcoming courses and the end of the application period for each course, please check underneath.

Also, please note that a valid CPR/FIRST AID Certificate is an indispensable prerequisite for acquiring any NGA Certification. However, if you should not have any opportunity to obtain a CPR/First Aid Certificate before the start of your on-site NGA training program, no worries; during your brief stay with us at our Ultimate Fitness Academy, you will have the opportunity to acquire CPR and First Aid Certification at a minor additional fee.

As you can easily discern from the above provided information, our On-Site NGA Trainer Certification Program is the ideal choice for people, who work throughout the week, but yet are serious about increasing their fitness knowledge. Our clients include people who:

•  are already working in a fitness related job, but feel the need to upgrade their knowledge.

•  have a different occupational or educational background but think about exploring new job opportunities in the fitness industry.

•  just want to become knowledgeable enough to safely realize their own fitness goals and/or help their family and friends to do so.

See you soon at our Ultimate Fitness Academy, the officially authorized Training- and Education Site for the NGA Trainer Certification Program in Thailand!

Become a Professional Trainer : GET NGA CERTIFIED 

NGA Personal Trainer/ Master Trainer Certification

This unique Fitness Trainer Certification Course is the ideal choice for :

•  Personal Trainers
•  Gym Instructors
•  Aerobic Instructors
•  Boxing instructors
•  Self Defense Instructors
•  Club Owners
•  Athletes

Research has shown that trainer certifications are not all equal, and that trainers certified by some agencies demonstrate a higher level of fitness-related knowledge than those certified by others. Therefore think carefully and make the right choice before selecting a suitable fitness trainer certification program for yourself.

The NGA Fitness Trainer Certification Course surpasses most other training courses on the market, as it provides you with all the tools and skills needed to become the highest caliber professional trainer. Our On-Site NGA Fitness Trainer Certification Program, with its practical part conducted on the gym premises of our Ultimate Fitness Academy in Uthumphon Phisai / Thailand, will enable you to confidently pursue positions of responsibility in the fitness industry and turn your fitness skills and experience into a fitness training enterprise.

Our NGA Trainer Certification Program combines home-study of the comprehensive English NGA Trainer Manual in preparation for the attendance of our six on-site seminars, including hands-on weight-training instruction in the gym; in order to best prepare for your personal participation in our on-site NGA certification program, your home-study of the comprehensive NGA Training Manual should be completed within six weeks prior to your personal attendance, which will ensure that you will receive the optimum benefit from our on-site seminars.

While the NGA Manual is in English, we will be able to assist by providing the instruction during our on-site seminars/lectures in Thai, in order to help bridging the language gap, and thus enable Thai speakers to have the same opportunity to acquire outstanding fitness expertise as English speakers. The medium of instruction during our seminars will be Thai, English or German, as per our students' requirements.

Schedule of Upcoming NGA Personal Trainer / Master Trainer Certification Programs


NGA Trainer Certification Program, scheduled in February, 2020 :

​In February 2020, our On-Site NGA Trainer Certification Course, held in English/Thai, has been scheduled to take place from Monday, February 24, 2020, to Saturday, February 29, 2020. 

Unfortunately, the application period to participate in this program has already expired on January 12, 2020. Therefore, please select one of the underneath specified NGA Trainer Certification Courses to join us and achieve your NGA Personal Trainer/Master Trainer Certification. See you soon at the Ultimate Fitness Academy.


As the hottest months of the year are about to come up here in Thailand, we have not scheduled any new NGA Trainer Certification Programs until to the end of May 2020.

However, if you should for some reason urgently need to get certified during these next few months, please contact us, so that we can see, how we may be able to assist.

Otherwise, please be sure to check back with us frequently, as we will update this page throughout the year. The schedules and dates of the next upcoming NGA Trainer Certification Programs will be published here as soon as they have been finalized.  

Please be welcome to contact us any time for further explanations regarding the above information, or to answer any questions and concerns, which you may possibly have. We are always glad to help. 

Please contact us at:  or

See you soon at our Ultimate Fitness Academy !