Ultimate Fitness  encourages you to meet the ultimate challenge of leading a fitness lifestyle and as a result see not only your health and physique, but most likely your whole life improve to an extent you may never have expected.


As a fitness entrepreneur, your staff is your most valuable asset, and enrolling your instructors or gym-staff for a few days of “Continued Education” with us, should ensure vastly improved gym-services at your own fitness venture, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and new membership sign-ups and renewals. Please let us know which areas of fitness expertise you want us to revise with your staff. We will then design your staff training program according to your requirements so that it will prove most beneficial to your gym business. On completion of the program, every participant will receive a “Certificate of Successful Completion” from our Ultimate Fitness Academy.For more information, please contact us at  < ultimatefitnessacademy@yahoo.com >


The US-based NGA Fitness Trainer Certification Course surpasses most other training courses on the market, as it provides you with all the tools and skills needed to become the highest caliber professional fitness trainer. Our On-Site NGA Fitness Trainer Certification Program, with its practical part conducted on the gym premises of our Ultimate Fitness Academy in Uthumphon Phisai / Thailand, will enable you to confidently pursue positions of responsibility in the fitness industry and turn your fitness skills and experience into a fitness training enterprise. Our NGA On-Site Fitness Trainer Certification Course is the only Fitness Trainer Certification Program currently offered in Thailand, which does not only include various fitness-related subjects in theory, but which also includes on-site practical instruction in correct exercise techniques provided by international fitness experts in Thai, English or German. Our NGA Trainer Certification Program combines studying at home with the opportunity to attend six on-site seminars, including hands-on practical involvement in the gym, at our Ultimate Fitness Academy; the medium of instruction during these seminars will be English, German or Thai, as per our clients' requirements. For more information, please contact us at:



We invite you to join us for a casual and educational activity/ fitness weekend to benefit from our President's own extensive expertise in Fitness Theory and his over four decades of accumulated experience in the area of practical weight-training instruction. This is a unique opportunity for you to discuss all your training-related questions or problems with a true expert, whose fitness-related knowledge  is unmatched in Thailand. He will be glad to provide consultancy to you concerning your current fitness program, and will help out with useful tips to optimize it and make it most efficient. If desired, we will also be happy to guide you through a sample work-out session, whatever your current training level may be, where you will likely learn more about how to correctly train with weights, as you could ever imagine. Spending a weekend with us up country will definitely be most motivating and should contribute to reviving your future work-outs at your home gym facility.For more information,please contact us at < ultimatefitnessacademy@yahoo.com >

OUR Services


Our highly instructive Personal Training Sessions under our Certified Master Trainers' professional guidance, will without doubt present you with an unforgettable training experience and will provide entirely new impulses, concepts and ideas to your work-outs. For our expert Personal Training Sessions, we gladly accept fitness enthusiasts at any level of prior training experience, from the very beginner to the most advanced competitive athlete. Our Personal Training Sessions do not simply end when "the hour is up", as is customary in profit-oriented fitness facilities, but our sessions end, when your work-out has been successfully completed !!!
For more information, please contact us at < ultimatefitnessacademy@yahoo.com>


We offer fitness seminars at your place of business or any other suitable location of your choice. These seminars are motivating, highly informative, and can be conducted in English, German, or Thai language, depending on your preference. Just give us the fitness-related subject, which you want us to lecture about, and we will be glad to accommodate your request, conducting the desired educational seminar at your selected premises.
We will be pleased to organize lectures by Christoph Klueppel, PhD., on any desired fitness-, nutrition, or holistic health-related subject at your university or other educational institution. For more information please contact us at ultimatefitnessacademy@yahoo.com


For more information about further fitness-related services of our organization, please also visit www.ultimatefitnessthailand.com