Please see our Certificates of Appointment by the NGA and some other fitness-related credentials :

Our “ULTIMATE FITNESS ACADEMY” is an educational non-profit fitness project, located up country Thailand in Uthumphon Phisai district, Sisaket province. It is the pinnacle of the expatriate founder’s 45 years of fitness experience, bringing to you the latest in fitness expertise, gym technology and professional weight-training techniques.

Here we strive to disseminate fitness- and health-related knowledge, do away with long-standing misconceptions in these areas, provide expert hands-on instruction in bio-mechanically correct weight-training techniques, teach safe and effective weight-training principles, convey the science of proper exercise programming for various fitness levels and fitness goals, promote nutritional awareness and discipline, and, last but not least, provide tips and guidance on suitable fitness- and health promoting supplements. We provide expert personal training services for all levels of prior expertise - from beginners' to most advanced levels- , which will without doubt present you with an unforgettable training experience and will provide entirely new impulses, concepts and ideas to your work-outs.

Our Ultimate Fitness Academy has been exclusively appointed as the Official Training- and Education-Site for the US-based NGA's Personal Trainer/Master Trainer Certification Course in Thailand ( see updated Certificate of Appointment); the NGA (National Gym Association), based in USA and established in 1979, is one of the most recognizable training and athletic associations in the world, which dedicates all resources and experience to the natural drug-free athlete, and to teaching and training individuals to become the most professional certified personal fitness trainers in the world.

At the Ultimate Fitness Academy, we regularly organize On-Site NGA Personal Trainer / Master Trainer Certification Programs in English and in Thai. The theoretical instruction, based on the English NGA Manual for Fitness Trainers, takes place in our seminar room; the practical hands-on instruction in bio-mechanically correct exercise techniques is organized in our academy's comprehensively-equipped gym room (see pics underneath).

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Here are some pictures of our comprehensively equipped gym and other facilities :

Ultimate Fitness encourages you to meet the ultimate challenge of leading a fitness lifestyle and as a result see not only your health and physique, but most likely your whole life improve to an extent you may never have expected.